Fauxtist : Process of a Project, Part 1

My senior thesis took many, many forms. One final product was my book Fauxtist, which was later made into a much more digestible version titled Public Presences. It started as four Aperture Magazines from the late 1980s and early 1990s. I found them on the main floor of my apt building, where I often found art books on their way to a new home. These four magazines contained both photography and poetry, each had their own theme: Swimmers, New Southern Photography, 40th anniversary & Beyond Wilderness. I ripped pages out the magazines that spoke to me and then cut those pages up further.  I kept poetry lines together but completely mixed lines to create new stories paired with new images. This project is near and dear to me as I created each collage to stand on its own. After creating all the pages, I worked on creating the order in which they would be bound together. This process was filled with shuffling together and spreading out the pages until they felt just right.  And at a later date, I took the 120-ish page book and created a smaller 20 page version, I titled Public Presences. If you wish to own your own bit of Fauxtist or Public Presences, I have quite a few of my favorite pages available as prints and other goods on Redbubble.com